AI-Enhanced Features to Transform your Business - Do More with Qlik Episode 46

AI-Enhanced Features to Transform your Business - Do More with Qlik Episode 46

Sep 29, 2023

Insight Advisor – our intelligent AI-assistant supports a variety of advanced insight generation and automation experiences including search driven insights, conversational analytics, and analysis types – our unique framework for choosing a type of advanced analysis and generating visualizations, NLG, and even smart sheets. You’ll get a look at key driver analysis, to uncover the factors driving a selected metric. And you’ll get a deeper dive into how you can customize insight generation and natural language processing through our business logic layer.


0:00 intro and presentation

14:10 - "things you should know"

15:35 - Demo Flow

17:24 - Ask Insight Advisor - Insight Advisor Chat

23:39 - Insight Advisor Chat in MS Teams (coming soon)

24:59 - Explore this further - Insight Advisor Natural Language Search and Explore

27:48 - How to Enable Insight Advisor Chat for your apps

29:05 - Insight Advisor Web Interface Layout

30:00 - Point and click explore

31:40 - Natural Language Search

33:46 - Analysis Types

34:15 - Using Insight Advisor along with Smart Search

36:05 - Smart Sheets

39:00 - NL Insights Chart and Expression Generator

42:38 - Key Drivers (coming soon)

44:38 - Build-out Example with Business Logic

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