AI-Powered Performance Summaries | Databox Analytics

AI-Powered Performance Summaries | Databox Analytics

Oct 20, 2023

Getting insights from your data should be easy. Our new Performance Summary feature uses the power of AI to give you personalized & actionable insights into your results. Displayed in an easy-to-understand format, anyone can use data to make more informed decisions.

Here’s how it can help you succeed:
Use color-coded indicators to quickly assess the status of your most important metrics, goals, and dashboards.
Use data insights to identify key changes in your most important metrics and KPIs.
Understand your performance with short yet comprehensive summaries of your results.
Use AI-powered recommendations to fine-tune strategies and drive success.
Want relevant, actionable insights at your fingertips? Start Your Growth Plan trial and get full access to a suite of AI-powered features today:
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0:00 Introducing AI-Powered Performance Summaries

0:16 Performance Screen Update

1:05 Tooltips on Dashboards, Metrics and Goals

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At Databox, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in a company to monitor, analyze, benchmark, and improve performance in one spot on any device easier than ever before. We believe a mission like ours requires outstanding talent and teamwork, which is why we care about whom we work with and the culture we build together. We are committed to building a people-first culture and an environment in which everyone is excited to join, motivated to grow, and inspired by the company’s mission.
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