The API Gateway and the Future of Cloud Native Applications #WordsUnplugged

The API Gateway and the Future of Cloud Native Applications #WordsUnplugged

Jan 29, 2024

In this episode of #WordsUnplugged, Chris Davey and Nuwan Dias take a closer look at the Gateway API and its importance in Kubernetes environments. Learn about the challenges of adoption and why education and evangelism are crucial for understanding the flexible and powerful nature of the Gateway API compared to the Ingress specification. Our hosts also touch on how this could impact API Gateway vendors and highlight areas for potential differentiation beyond the standard specification. But that's not all - as APIs become more complex in businesses, effective management tools are becoming increasingly necessary. Gain valuable insights into how the Gateway API is shaping the future of cloud native applications and its role in managing these complex APIs.

Key reading material:

00:00-01:00 - Introduction

01:00 - 04:16 - Driving Adoption

04:16 - 08:16 - Impact on API Gateway Vendors

08:16 - 10:05 - Vendor Differentiation Beyond Specification

10:05 - 13:21- Reasons for Using Multiple Gateway Vendors

13:21- 16:31 - Benefit for Developers

16:31- 17:10 - Extensibility of Gateway API

19:50 - 23:14 - Roles of Ingress, API Gateways, and Service Meshes

23:14 - 25:23 - Businesses Handling More Complex APIs