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Introducing Secure VPN Connections with Choreo and Tailscale

Securing access to external resources within private networks—whether in other public clouds or on-premise data centers—is a key use case for applications and APIs deployed on the Choreo cloud data planes. Today, we are simplifying the process of creating and managing secure VPN connections from the Choreo cloud data planes to any external network with Tailscale, a renowned and trusted WireGuard VPN provider.

WSO2Con 2024: A Recap

Highlights from WSO2's 2024 global user conference. The energy from WSO2Con 2024 is still electric. Over 350 attendees from around the world joined us at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, for three days of learning, inspiration, and connection. This year's theme, "platformless," took center stage. We explored how it empowers businesses to streamline development and focus on user-centric applications.

Simplify Brand Identity Management on Asgardeo with Branding AI

In today’s market, the power of a cohesive brand identity cannot be overstated. However, manually configuring consistent branding themes across multiple platforms can be a tedious process. That’s where Asgardeo’s new AI Branding feature comes in, offering a smarter way to align your digital identity in Asgardeo with your own brand.

Simplifying Authentication Flow Configuration with Login Flow AI in Asgardeo

WSO2’s Asgardeo offers an innovative SaaS open source solution for identity and authentication management, providing seamless user management and login configuration across all your applications. Asgardeo combines cutting-edge technology with robust security, ensuring a simplified yet secure user experience When developing your application, significant time and effort are needed to build secure authorization and user management functionality.

Enhancing Interoperability and Streamlining Prior Authorization: A Look into CMS-0057-F

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken a significant step forward in advancing interoperability and improving prior authorization processes with the publication of the CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule (CMS-0057-F).

Not All MFA is Created Equal, Especially in CIAM

In many industries (finance and healthcare, to name a couple), regulations require the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect access to sensitive data and transactions. Also, an important executive order was issued, aimed at improving the cybersecurity posture within the US government by requiring all federal agencies to adopt MFA systems. Regulations and standards like these will continue to spread over more industries and transaction types.

Introducing Choreo Copilot

We're excited to introduce Choreo Copilot (preview), which allows you to interact with Choreo. You can pose questions in natural language and Copilot will provide answers. Choreo Copilot enables you to grasp Choreo concepts, teaches you how to perform tasks in Choreo, and provides guidance when you encounter obstacles. Copilot is familiar with APIs in Choreo’s internal marketplace. Choreo already features an AI capability that enables API testing through natural language.

WSO2 Advances Developer Productivity With Latest API Management and Integration Offerings

Developers can now manage data planes for WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes with the same control plane, develop integrations in VS Code using Micro Integrator for VS Code, and utilize AI assistants to streamline efforts.

Introducing WSO2 API Manager 4.3: Stronger, Streamlined API Management

We’re delighted to announce the release of WSO2 API Manager 4.3, a significant upgrade that enhances your API ecosystem's performance, security, and scalability. WSO2 API Manager, an industry-leading open source API management solution, offers a unified platform for creating, publishing, and overseeing APIs, enabling organizations to securely expose their services with both internal and external stakeholders.