Appian 23.2 Product Announcement Webinar

Appian 23.2 Product Announcement Webinar

May 18, 2023

Build AI into your processes with the Appian AI Skill Designer, uncover new insights from your data, and deliver more customized portals and sites.

Appian 23.2 supercharges end-to-end process automation. You can now leverage the power of AI and ML to deliver lightning-fast apps that boost efficiency, enable data-driven insights, and create engaging user experiences—all on a single, highly secure platform.

Infuse AI into your processes.
○ With the debut of the AI Skill Designer, you can now build, train, and deploy private AI models in your Appian apps. AI Skills help you speed up processes, reduce human error, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Take your apps to the next level with a better total experience.
○ Develop portals, sites, and interfaces faster and easier than ever before.
○ Add up to 10 pages on sites and portals that are automatically formatted for any device size.

Extend your automation abilities.
○ More easily handle Microsoft Excel files with new low-code Excel modules for Appian RPA.
○ Easily extract and use data from html tables spanning multiple pages.

Take Insight to Action with Process Mining
○ Get quick value from Process Mining with our packaged fixed fee Insight to Action offering.
○ Participate in the future of Appian Process Mining with the Process HQ Early Access Program.