Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering | ChatGPT for Testers - Raju Kandaswamy #promptengineering

Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering | ChatGPT for Testers - Raju Kandaswamy #promptengineering

Discover why prompt engineering holds the key to the future of AI and learn how to master this crucial skill in our comprehensive video. Understand the inner workings of Transformer Architecture, the foundation of Language Models like Chat GPT and Stable Diffusion, to unleash their full potential. Explore the importance of effective prompts and how to utilize the RRR Rule (Role, Rule, and Response) to achieve remarkable results. Don't miss this opportunity to become proficient in prompt engineering and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of generative AI.

Timestamps -

00:00 - Promo

01:52 - Introduction

04:16 - What is the hype about Chat GPT

05:56 - Chat GPT 3 Models

09:15 - What is Prompt Engineering & Why it's important in natural language processing

15:16 - How to write effective prompts for AI (RRR Rule of Writing Effective Prompts)

20:58 - What prompts can we use to make GPT give factually correct answers

26:45 - In a prompt, how GPT decides which word is a "Keyword"

28:38 - LLM Model and It's Transformer Architecture

33:56 - Why learn prompt engineering & Who can learn prompt engineering

35:37- Is NLP programming language important for writing better prompts?

38:11 - Is there any way to minimize the token used while also giving accurate prompts? (Reverse Prompting Technique)

39:42 - Best Practices for Fine Tuning ChatGPT

41:22 - Prompt engineer skills & roles.

43:22 - What is the possible outcome of combining robotic/hardware to OpenAI/ ChatGPT?

46:37 - Can ChatGPT replace humans?

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Raju Kandaswamy, Engineering Director, Thoughtworks

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