Britive Provides a Unified Access Model Across Cloud and SaaS Platforms

Britive Provides a Unified Access Model Across Cloud and SaaS Platforms

Jul 21, 2022

Because conventional privileging and permissioning solutions were designed to run within on-premises data centers, they require dedicated IT security expertise to deploy and manage. Configuring them for multi-cloud environments is simply not workable. In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Daniel Myers chats with Britive’s Field CTO John Morton, who explains how Britive has taken advantage of Snowflake’s compute and data-sharing capabilities to develop a solution that gives cloud-native, cloud-focused companies a new kind of cloud access management tool–one that easily scales as businesses grow and DevOps pipelines expand. It eliminates standing privileges for human and machine IDs across all of an organization’s operation-critical cloud applications, providing, instead, just-in-time, temporary access to needed permissions. It’s an approach that provides more security for data, apps and resources that live in the cloud. Watch the video for more details on how it all works.

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