The changing landscape of data technology - Greg Khairallah

The changing landscape of data technology - Greg Khairallah

May 22, 2022

When much of the internet is hosted on your servers, the decisions you make really matter. On this episode, Greg Khairallah, Director of Analytics at Amazon Web Services, explains how he thinks about expanding access, maintaining privacy, and the future of the cloud.

Key Takeaways

  1. Data is everywhere, data takes up a lot of space and data CAN cost a lot of money. Greg and his team at AWS have been working hard to make it so that people can use the cloud and have unlimited space and save money on the space that is being used.
  2. Data is something that is used by everyone and it’s important to be able to talk with customers and consumers from all across the world to find out how all different communities use data and try to cater data analytics to everyone.
  3. As amazing as data is with all of it’s wonderful features, some of the important and scary things to think about are its privacy features and AWS does everything it needs to do to make sure that your information remains private.

“ Really, what I saw the value in what attracted me the most was not just cost savings and in moving kind of off on premise to get rid of out of the data center business, which is there’s some valid economic value to that. But what I kind of saw early trends is that a light bulb went off, is that, there’s just a fundamental way that we could make innovation to be the center of our data decision-making.”

“I’ve had the honor of meeting customers, not just in North America, but in India and China, in Korea, Australia. And, you know, what’s the common patterns around getting value from data and being able to serve their customers better and really just hearing like this commonality across the challenges, regardless of geography or industry, of course, bringing their uniqueness to their markets has been a real personal insight to me as I’ve, I’ve thought about how that applies to our broader customer base as well.”

“I think part of this is this drive to really bring up the standards of interaction across multiple channels, and of course, this is where, data becomes at the heart of it all and the privacy of that data and how the data is used, become top of mind around data governance that we’ve been working hard at AWS to make that easier for customers of any size to be able to adapt to this new world where on demand information, mobile devices."

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