Chaos Engineering: Why Break Things on Purpose? #kongbuilders #kong #kongmesh

Chaos Engineering: Why Break Things on Purpose? #kongbuilders #kong #kongmesh

Nov 21, 2022

🗣️ In our next Kong Builders Livestream, Andrew Kew is joining us to tell us more about the topic of Chaos Engineering.

With the move to distributed cloud architectures, it's becoming more critical to ensure that our platforms are designed for failure and behave the way we expect in these failure events.

Enter chaos engineering! The practice of injecting controlled failures into your system and observing how it responds to the experiment. Join this talk, where we will discuss the history of chaos engineering, why running everyday chaos engineering experiments is essential, and how you can incorporate this into your current CI/CD pipelines.

We will then apply this practice in a demo of a simple failure scenario in Kuma. The failure event will be injected using a chaos engineer tool called ChaosMesh.

=== timecodes ===

00:00 - stream starts

03:10 - intro

03:53 - introducing Andrew Kew

08:04 - introducing Chaos Engineering topic

17:24 - tools for trade: Chaos Mesh []

20:38 - rant: the importance of Observability as a discipline

24:20 - demo time

28:35 - K6 for generating load

36:58 - bring some chaos: PodChaos policy

40:08 - simple test: Failure of service doesn’t impact consumer traffic

45:45 - first attempt - the consumer is getting 5xx responses

51:27 - we can do better: introducing Retry policy with Kuma mesh

57:56 - observing the results: no 5xx, only retries

59:59 - outro