Chapter 3.1: Self Healing With Relative Xpaths

Chapter 3.1: Self Healing With Relative Xpaths

Dec 8, 2021

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This chapter further demonstrates how Self-Healing works in different scenarios, with Xpath, CSS, and Image alternative locators. We’ll wrap it up with a complex end-to-end test to summarize every main point you need to know about Self-Healing.

About Course
This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

During 3 chapters, you will learn about:
The mechanism and capabilities of Self-Healing
Selecting and prioritizing different object locating methods, namely Xpath, Attributes, CSS, and Image
Automatically replacing broken locators with new working alternatives
How Self-Healing works in detail for different scenarios, including complex end-to-end tests

Note: You can download and use the sample project we used in this course here:

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