Down the AI Rabbit Hole: Leveraging AI in Your Projects Without Ending Up Lost in Wonderland

Down the AI Rabbit Hole: Leveraging AI in Your Projects Without Ending Up Lost in Wonderland

Jun 14, 2024

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0:00 Introduction

1:53 AI landscape overview

5:53 Recent advancements in AI

8:30 AI as APIs and the maturing ecosystem

11:42 Potential AI applications

14:05 Challenges in building with AI

17:30 Cost mitigation techniques: RAG and semantic caching

21:16 Considerations before starting an AI project

24:38 Kong's role in AI API management

25:45 Going deeper: learning resources and communities

29:30 Conclusion

Generative AI is transforming the world around us, and is quickly becoming a part of the conversation as we greenfield new features and applications. It is very alluring to deliver AI features into our existing products, and think about new projects we might build around AI. However, you might have already found that the journey into the realm of AI often feels like tumbling down the rabbit hole into wonderland - a maze of complexity and uncertainty.

In this talk we'll dive into some of that complexity and uncertainty and discuss the AI/ML landscape as it is today. We'll discuss practical strategies for experimentation and how to even get started in this space. We'll cover how we've been approaching AI at Kong, and the importance of remembering that these AI services are ultimately served via APIs - and how API management is needed in order to move these projects from experimental to production.

If you're currently looking at how to leverage AI in your projects and how to mitigate complexity and risks, join us to share in the journey and our experiences together. We'll cover how you might avoid falling down the rabbit hole, or maybe discuss the situations where you might just want to visit wonderland after all?