The ethics of being data-driven - Randy Bean

The ethics of being data-driven - Randy Bean

Sep 15, 2022

This episode features an interview with Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners. In this episode, Randy talks about what it means to be truly data-driven, growth in the industry, and the ethics around collecting and using data.

“Being data-driven doesn’t mean being a robot where you just look at the data and thereby make decisions blindly. You have to bring to bear human judgment and experience. But you should look at the data. You owe it yourself. You owe it to your customers, you owe it to your colleagues, and you owe it to the industry, to gather the best possible data, the most accurate, the most timely, the highest quality data you have. Look at it, review it, analyze it, synthesize it, digest it, and then make some decisions.”

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0:00 Intro

3:26 Fail Fast, Learn Faster
5:59] Why is good data so important?
10:55] Common issues in becoming data-driven
12:46] How to start on the pathway to being data-driven
15:19] Data in layman’s terms
19:59] Using data to remain agile
21:19] What does “data-driven” mean anyway?
24:40] The beginning of the data revolution
25:27] The good, the bad and the ugly data ethics
35:13] Communicating the data message