Faster release builds and better integration tests with Flutter

Faster release builds and better integration tests with Flutter

We'll show you how to get faster Flutter iOS release builds and how to use the new Flutter 'integration_test' package.

🧑‍🎓 You will learn:

  • How to get faster iOS release builds
  • What the difference is between the 'flutter build ios' and 'flutter build ipa' commands
  • How to write Flutter integration tests with the new 'integration_test' package
  • How to run your integration tests locally on the iOS Simulator
  • How to prepare your Android App for running integration tests on device farms
  • How to run integration tests on Firebase Test Lab

📄 Documentation for 'integration_test' package:

📄 Documentation for Firebase Test Lab

💻 GitHub Demo project

🕗 Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction

00:57 Faster iOS Release Builds

02:46 How to use 'flutter build ipa'

02:54 Average improvement times

03:31 Introduction to Flutter integration tests

05:50 How to set up the integration_test package

07:08 Writing integration tests

11:18 Running integration tests locally on iOS

14:14 Configuring an Android app

16:53 Firebase Test Lab prerequisites

17:39 Building Android.apks for integration tests

20:30 Running the tests on Firebase Test Lab

21:35 Viewing the test results on Firebase Test Lab

22:36 Closing

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