Getting Started with Kong Istio Gateway

Getting Started with Kong Istio Gateway

Oct 29, 2021

In this demo from Kong Summit, @Viktor Gamov used Istio service mesh and Kong Istio Gateway (Kong Gateway + Kong' Ingress Controller) to provide external access to the services that run inside service mesh enabled Kubernetes cluster. Learn more about Kong Istio Gateway:


0:00 - Intro

0:55 - Download and Configure Istio

1:54 - Create a Namespace for Kubernetes Ingress Controller

2:17 - Deploy Kong Istio Gateway With Helm and Test with Insomnia

4:13 - Deploy BookInfo Example Application

5:08 - Access the Demo App Externally Through Kong Gateway

5:47 - Add Observability Tools

7:16 - Simulate Normal User Behavior

8:37 - Protect Your Services with the Rate Limiting Plugin


Full blog tutorial:
Automated demo scripts on GitHub:
Running the Kubernetes Ingress Controller with Istio
Kong Summit presentation from our CTO and Co-Founder, Marco Palladino:
Watch more recordings from Kong Summit here:



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