Getting Started with #ServiceMesh Workshop featuring #Kuma and #KongMesh

Getting Started with #ServiceMesh Workshop featuring #Kuma and #KongMesh

Jun 20, 2023

Service mesh is the future of application connectivity, offering immediate enhancements to your application traffic’s security, reliability, and observability. It abstracts network complexities, offering discovery, routing, and more functionalities. But you may ask, isn’t all of this already available in our frameworks?

In this workshop, you’ll discover just how straightforward it is to get started with service mesh in a Kubernetes environment, and we’re not restricting ourselves to any specific language or framework. We aim to be inclusive, addressing developers from diverse backgrounds.

First, we'll be able to guide you through installing the service mesh control plane using Kuma.
We will then demonstrate the deployment of sample applications. The principles apply broadly, and developers of all stripes will find the content relevant and valuable.

Next, we’ll delve into enabling traffic policies and exploring observability using tools like Grafana and Prometheus. We will achieve all this without needing convoluted allocation across multiple frameworks or reliance on custom code.

This session is designed to be a practical, hands-on workshop. It will provide you with the tools and knowledge to harness the power of service mesh, regardless of your preferred development language or framework.

00:00 Intro

7:10 Introduction

9:25 Setting up Kuma

17:03 Deploy Apps

30:33 Exposing Services via Built-in Gateway

35:29 Policies

39:25 Observability