How to Create a Service in WSO2 Choreo | Choreo Community Call #1

How to Create a Service in WSO2 Choreo | Choreo Community Call #1

Jul 7, 2023

Welcome to the WSO2 Choreo Community Call #1! In this session, we will dive into the topic of creating a service in Choreo and explore the various aspects of managing and consuming it.
Choreo is a SaaS application development suite designed to accelerate the creation of digital experiences. It powers the creation, collaboration, reuse, and deployment of components like APIs, microservices, and integrations on any Kubernetes cluster to increase productivity and free developers to focus on innovation.

Join us as we kick off the call with an introduction to Choreo, followed by an in-depth explanation of a real-world use case. Through a live demonstration, we will guide you on how to create a service in Choreo, providing valuable insights and best practices along the way.
After mastering the creation process, we will delve into the essential aspects of managing and consuming the service, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the entire lifecycle.

00:00 Introduction

01:04 Agenda

01:44 Introduction to Choreo

21:08 Introduction to Service Components

32:26 Demo - Explanation (Todo List App)

36:16 Demo - Backend Service Code Walkthrough

39:47 Demo - Create/Deploy the Service

54:16 Demo - Manage API for the Service
01:02:50 Demo -Create/Deploy the Webapp
01:07:08 Demo - Configure the Webapp for authentication
01:13:12 Demo - Test the Webapp
01:17:17 Demo - Service Observability
01:21:20 Discord Community and Thank you

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