Introduction to Stitch, no-code ETL

Introduction to Stitch, no-code ETL

Nov 22, 2022

Move data from over 140 sources to any cloud data lake or data warehouse in under 5 minutes with Stitch.

Stitch is a fully managed ETL pipeline that can rapidly onboard data from 140+ sources like Hubspot, MySQL, MongoDB, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Sheets, Google Campaign Manager, Salesforce in just a few clicks.
Stitch integrates with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, BigQuery, PostgreSQL and more so you can push your data stack and analytics to the next level.
Spend less time manually importing data, developing ETL, and managing your data pipeline, so you have more time to analyze data. Stitch takes care of scheduling, maintenance, and adjusting to ever-changing data sources.

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