July Germany Meetup - Service integration made easy with Kuma

July Germany Meetup - Service integration made easy with Kuma

Jul 16, 2021

#Cloudnative application design is the new default. Cloud-native applications are often organized as a collection of independent and loosely coupled services, allowing for more flexibility and agility with respect to changing business requirements. Application runtimes become hybrid at the same time, so we have to deal with distributed cloud and on-prem workloads. This makes the world even more complex from a connectivity perspective since services forming an application need to interact with each other and with already existing monolithic applications both on-prem and in the cloud.

As we can see, there’s a lot of network communication involved and it must occur in a secure, reliable, and comprehensible way. Since efficiency and agility are critical factors nowadays, we need new, modern approaches, which allow development teams to act autonomously while being able to focus on the important things at the same time.

A service mesh like #Kuma can help you to address these challenges in the area of security, connectivity, and observability transparently by moving the responsibility from the application to the infrastructure layer.

At the same time, a service mesh gives a self-service path to development teams for implementing respective requirements more efficiently. This means an extension to traditional connectivity handling approaches, where traffic is restricted by firewall rules and explicit knowledge from a network team is needed. This allows us to implement business requirements more efficiently and more flexibly with respect to connectivity and reliability.

This session gives an introduction to Kuma, how it is different from other service mesh implementations, and shows how easy it is to get started with it.

😎 Speaker: Sven Bernhardt, OPITZ CONSULTING

Sven works as a Chief Architect in the business development and innovation team at OPITZ CONSULTING. He is a Cloud-Native enthusiast, API, and integration geek. In his position, Sven is always curious how new technologies and concepts can help to make IT more valuable and efficient to businesses.

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