Kong Ingress Controller Feature Preview: Gateway API

Kong Ingress Controller Feature Preview: Gateway API

Feb 24, 2022

Kong Ingress Controller (KIC) 2.2 is now generally available. KIC 2.2 marks a major milestone in the development of the Kong Ingress Controller, as it is the first release containing a marquee feature, Gateway API. This represents a major milestone for Kong as we continue to keep up to date with the upstream community and provide the best customer experience for KIC customers. Try KIC 2.2 today: https://bit.ly/3guN9D6

In this video, @Viktor Gamov, a principal developer advocate with Kong, gives a preview of the most exciting part of this release: Gateway API support.

Gateway API is an open source project managed by the Kubernetes SIG Network community. The project aims to innovate and expand service networking APIs within Kubernetes. Gateway API consists of a collection of new APIs designed to functionally replace Ingress API. Kong’s implementation follows the current branch of Gateway API, versioned 'v1alpha2'.

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0:00 Cold Open

0:55 Intro

3:37 Demo: Enabling and Configure Gateway and HTTP Route

07:52 It's a Wrap!

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❏ Announcement Blog: https://konghq.com/blog/kong-ingress-controller-2-2/
❏ More About Gateway API: https://gateway-api.sigs.k8s.io/
❏ How to Use Istio Ingress Gateway
❏ Kong Ingress Controller Tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist

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