Konnect Meetup - June 2021 - Melissa van der Hecht & Ross McDonald

Konnect Meetup - June 2021 - Melissa van der Hecht & Ross McDonald

Jun 18, 2021

We live in a connected world, and our digital experiences are formed by thousands of services acting as building blocks. As the world becomes more decentralized and services take over, cloud connectivity becomes the key differentiating factor of digital experiences for any organization.

Join Kong Field CTO Melissa van der Hecht 😎 as she discusses how you can achieve end-to-end cloud connectivity for your organization with Kong Konnect. Konnect lets you achieve a cloud native service lifecycle at scale, ensuring consistent security, governance and discoverability of every service through automation.

In this meetup, we’ll walk you through the benefits of adopting a unified cloud connectivity fabric for your organization. You’ll get an overview of:

  • Konnect’s benefits, architecture and deployment options
  • Creation, testing and publishing of services to the Developer Portal
  • Managing across platforms with Runtime Manager
  • Publishing and discovering services with ServiceHub
  • Monitoring and operating using Vitals

Then, we will jump into Konnect with a live demo from Kong Solutions Engineer, Ross McDonald 👨‍💻