A Look at Possibilities of Using AI in #SoftwareTesting | Rahul Verma | #QonfX 2024 #generativeai

A Look at Possibilities of Using AI in #SoftwareTesting | Rahul Verma | #QonfX 2024 #generativeai

In this session, Rahul Verma delves into the possibilities of AI in testing. With the rise of Generative AI, the landscape of testing is evolving rapidly, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Rahul explores the potential applications of AI in testing and discusses where companies are focusing their efforts today, as well as the missed opportunities.

As a tester, Rahul approaches the topic with a healthy dose of skepticism, acknowledging the contradictions inherent in exploring AI in testing. Whether you're curious about the future of testing or seeking insights into AI's role in the field, this presentation offers valuable perspectives and reflections.

This video is of one of the sessions presented at #QonfX - Embracing The Future of #Testing Conference, 2024.

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About Speaker:
Rahul is a Consulting Tester and Coach with an experience of 20+ years of experiments. He works with Trendig, a German company specializing in this space, and is also known to be the force behind the renowned Agile Testing Days conference. He has presented, conducted workshops, and published articles on a wide range of subjects related to Quality in various conferences and forums, internationally. As a coach, he has trained hundreds of professionals on Quality from a pluralistic standpoint.

Connect with Rahul on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-verma-india/

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