Master Blue-Green Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator | Kong Tutorials

Master Blue-Green Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator | Kong Tutorials

Nov 8, 2023

🔵�� Dive into the seamless world of Blue-Green Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator in our latest Kong Tech Talks episode.

Viktor, a cloud-native aficionado, explains the nuts and bolts of implementing blue-green deployment strategies for gateway data planes using the powerful Kong Gateway Operator. Whether you're a DevOps engineer, a systems architect, or just passionate about cloud-native technologies, this video is your gateway to mastering zero-downtime updates.

🎥 In this video:

0:00 - Introduction to Blue-Green Deployments

0:30 - Understanding the Gateway Data Planes

1:15 - Automating Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator

2:45 - Live Demonstration: Deploying and Switching with Kong

4:00 - Insights into DevOps and Cloud-Native Practices

What you'll learn:
✅ The concept of Blue-Green Deployment in cloud-native environments
✅ How Kong Gateway Operator simplifies the deployment process
✅ Step-by-step guide on performing a blue-green deployment
✅ Ensuring smooth traffic management during gateway version migrations

Kong Gateway Operator

🔁 Why Blue-Green Deployment?
Blue-green deployment is a strategy that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments. Viktor will guide you through the theory and practical application of this approach with Kong's innovative technology.

📊 Stay ahead in the DevOps realm and enhance your deployment strategies with Kong Gateway Operator.

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🙌 Special thanks to @ViktorGamov for the insights and expertise.

As always, have a nice day, and happy deploying!