New in Databox: Build and Automate Custom Reports in Minutes

New in Databox: Build and Automate Custom Reports in Minutes

Jul 26, 2022

Here at Databox, we believe that data is about more than just numbers. We want to bring our users even more ways to share meaningful insights. Most of all, we want to help growing teams and agencies take reporting to a new level through the power of automation.

Say hello to Databox Reports.

This brand new feature allows teams and agencies alike to build and automate Reports right inside Databox. You can now—

  • Build custom deck-like Reports within the app
  • Pull dashboards you’ve already built directly into your Report
  • Add context and build a story around that data for your team and clients
  • Automate your entire process by scheduling recurring sends and reminders
  • Email or export Reports as PDFs, making them easily shareable across devices

For those who want to take their Reports even further, the Performer plan includes more advanced features, like: the full suite of slide types (add images, drill down into a single metric, and provide context for stakeholders), plus our most unique capability to date…

… automate the content of your report with dynamic text—what we’re calling “Data Stories”.

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