Rest Testing Made Easy with SoapUI Pro

Rest Testing Made Easy with SoapUI Pro

Jan 15, 2019

Did you know, that in 2018, API testing was the highest growing method of testing for Agile and DevOps teams? With RESTful APIs invading our software stack and becoming more popular - it is critical to create an end-to-end API testing stategy using the right set of tools. SoapUI Pro helps eliminate the complexity of REST testing, by enabling you to build, execute, and automate API tests at scale.

In this webinar, we'll learn the special nuances of REST APIs and how we can properly test them. We'll start by importing API definitions and creating complex assertions and finish by running it all in our CI/CD pipeline.

You'll walk away with knowing more about:

  • the basics of testing with REST APIs
  • creating and executing REST API tests with a few clicks
  • maintaining your tests as APIs change
  • reporting on REST API test results
  • automating your REST API tests in just three steps