Role Based Access Control with Kong Enterprise

Role Based Access Control with Kong Enterprise

Mar 31, 2023

Role Based Access Control with Kong Enterprise

Brought to you by @KongInc Senior Solutions Engineer Ahmed Koshok.

In this video, Ahmed Koshok demonstrates how to empower teams for end-to-end delivery.

With the increasing need for decentralization, it's essential to have a platform that enables you to manage your apps and services effectively. Kong Enterprise offers a Role-Based Access Control feature that ensures secure and reliable access to your apps and services.

Ahmed will guide you through creating workspaces in Kong Manager and creating teams and subgroups for workspaces, which allows you to organize your teams and their permissions more efficiently. You'll also learn how to configure the Role-Based Access Control feature to ensure secure access to specific apps and services based on user roles.

With Kong Enterprise, you can easily manage your decentralized apps and services, ensuring that your team has the necessary access to deliver projects efficiently.

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