Securing Cloud Connectivity at Scale

Securing Cloud Connectivity at Scale

May 26, 2021

Are we vulnerable to [insert latest CVE here]? Are we affected by [insert popular attack here]? How much time and effort do we need to fix [insert recent security issue here]? As simple as these questions may sound, the answers are rarely straightforward these days.

With the proliferation of microservices came the explosion of custom modules, libraries and makeshift solutions adopted by each individual development team to deliver on security and compliance requirements. While these solutions work, they’re extremely hard to manage and fix at scale, especially when there’s imminent risk for your organization.

In this Destination: Scale session, Ahmed Koshok, Solutions Engineer at Kong and Erdem Menges, Director, Enterprise Product Marketing at Kong discusses the current issues with a fragmented approach to security and compliance, and propose a centralized, efficient approach to handle security and compliance at scale.

They also take it one step further and share three practical examples of the proposed solution using Kong Konnect.

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