Sevrice Connectivity & APIOps for All - Kong Tel Aviv Meetup

Sevrice Connectivity & APIOps for All - Kong Tel Aviv Meetup

Jul 29, 2021

This is a recording of our first Kong/TelAviv virtual Meetup.
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💻 Tech Talk 1: Service Connectivity for All! [Hebrew]
😎 Speaker: Shlomi Tubul
In the past few years, decoupling of services and infrastructure became the standard. Companies started to move away from big monolith apps to #microservices, and the rise of containers and #k8s gave an extra boost in that direction. With #Kong, we can make all this architecture simpler, more secure, automated, and better architected.
During this talk, Shlomi Tubul will go through the different Kong components and their deployment, and how easy it is to deploy them.

💻 TechTalk 2: Building a Fully Automated #CICD Process to administer your #API Lifecycle with Kong [English]
😎 Speaker: Marco Marquez

APIOps it’s not just another buzzword. #APIOps (DevOps + GitOps for APIs) enables you to automate your whole API development flow: from development to production. As a result, you’ll be able to enhance your productivity through the reuse of APIs.
During this presentation, we will go through the basic deployment architectural options of Kong and then show you how you can leverage Kong to automate your API development flow. By simply pushing an OpenAPI spec change to a Github repository, you will see how this can trigger a CI/CD flow that pushes changes to your API gateway and developer portal, automatically!