SNCF: Getting the customer experience right

SNCF: Getting the customer experience right

Mar 29, 2022

As a major railway operator, SNCF has a whole lot of data on its hands, including more than 50 million customer records. The first step in using that data more effectively was integrating and consolidating all of its diverse data sources and databases into a single Customer Platform. In this video, Yann Jourdain, CIO at SNCF Voyages, explains how he made it happen.

SNCF selected Talend Data Fabric as its on-premises platform and the centerpiece of its data exchange solution. Talend feeds the Salesforce CRM tools and the SNCF information system, as well as external and partner’s information system (IS).
The unified Customer Platform has made it possible to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service by combining analysis of data from multiple sources to better target customers.

The assets developed on Talend, such as the orchestration process, can be used to industrialize other business processes within SNCF Voyages departments.

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