Snowflake: Optimize performance with data observability

Snowflake: Optimize performance with data observability

May 2, 2024

Right now, 55% of companies surveyed are failing to achieve time to value with their data and AI investments. Why? Their skilled engineers spend too much time doing toilsome work and optimizing data workloads for performance and efficiency is complicated.

With this in mind, Unravel is hosting a live event to help you leverage Unravel to achieve productivity and performance with Snowflake.

Watch this 15 minute live event about optimizing performance with data observability with Clinton Ford, VP of Product Marketing at Unravel and Eric Chu, VP of Product at Unravel.

Learn how Unravel can help you:

  • Detect fluctuations in critical data pipelines and hit SLAs
  • Quickly troubleshoot query issues and compare with similar queries
  • Speed up issue diagnosis, simplify decisions, and accelerate performance

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