Unlocking BigQuery: Achieving Speed and Scale with Data Observability and FinOps

Unlocking BigQuery: Achieving Speed and Scale with Data Observability and FinOps

Aug 24, 2023

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The demands of data analytics and AI are rising, making it more difficult to keep data pipelines running as they become more complicated. Customers are turning to modern data stacks such as Google Cloud BigQuery to keep up.

But forecasting cloud data spend is like a roller coaster, making it difficult to reliably predict. In addition, the pace of adding new data workloads is limited by budget and skilled resources available. It’s like chaining an anchor to your race car. With this in mind, watch this live event where you will see how data observability and FinOps are unlocking speed and scale for BigQuery. This is your opportunity to learn how you can achieve performance and efficiency with purpose-built AI.

Join us for this virtual event to learn how Unravel can help you:

  • Unlock the potential of BigQuery to maximize workloads for the same spend
  • Apply AI-driven FinOps and performance optimization for BigQuery to visualize and manage compute and storage costs, and unit costs and trends for projects, users, and jobs
  • Optimize workloads for cost and performance using Unravel’s AI-powered Insights Engine
  • Customize dashboards and alerts with easy to use widgets to enable at-a-glance and drill down dashboards on spend, performance, and unit economics

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