Your Framework for Success: Introduction to JavaScript Testing at Scale

Your Framework for Success: Introduction to JavaScript Testing at Scale

There are countless ways to set up your automated testing environment. When it comes to stability and maintainability, it’s crucial to choose the right frameworks at the beginning of the journey, to set yourself up for success and save yourself time and headaches further down the road.

In addition to traditional WebDriver-based JavaScript frameworks like Selenium or WebdriverIO, many new projects have popped up in recent years that provide even more capabilities, particularly for web UI testing. With the emergence of new frameworks like Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, and others, how do you choose which one’s right for you and your team? And how do you integrate the chosen framework into your testing practice, to shift testing left and speed up your software delivery lifecycle?

In this webinar, Sauce Labs experts will provide an overview of the JavaScript framework landscape for automated functional testing, with a focus on Cypress, TestCafe, and Playwright. They will explore the differences between these frameworks, and discuss how to choose and implement the right tool for your project.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how browser automation emerged over the last decade
  • Learn about the technical differences of traditional and new frameworks
  • Learn to pick the right JavaScript framework for your project

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