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November 2020


Making Privacy an Essential Business Process

Canada is poised to become a world-leader in privacy regulation and with new regulation comes record-breaking fines for those who can’t keep up. In November, Canada introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act. If passed, companies could face fines of up to five percent of global revenue or $25 million CAD — whichever is greater — for violating Canadians’ privacy.

Demo: Cloudera DataFlow on Data Hub

Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub makes hybrid use cases possible by extending on-premises flow management, streams messaging, and stream processing and analytics capabilities to the public cloud. Watch an integrated demo of Cloudera DataFlow on Data Hub to understand how easy it is to ingest, process, and analyze your streaming data across multiple public cloud clusters.

How a Discovery Data Warehouse, the next evolution of augmented analytics, accelerates treatments and delivers medicines safely to patients in need

I met Matthew in New York City about a year ago. We sat in a private conference room and he told me the story of his pharma startup. A small group of researchers set out to solve the black-box enigma of certain kinds of vicious cancers. There are so many cancers, so their vision was to focus on especially heinous ones. Fast forward to their recent FDA approval of their “Hail Mary” procedure and treatment methodology for stage-four patients of a particular cancer.


Introducing Lightweight, Customizable ML Runtimes in Cloudera Machine Learning

With the complexity of data growing across the enterprise and emerging approaches to machine learning and AI use cases, data scientists and machine learning engineers have needed more versatile and efficient ways of enabling data access, faster processing, and better, more customizable resource management across their machine learning projects.

Data Exploration & Reporting with Cloudera Data Warehouse

In this video, we’ll go over how you can use both Cloudera Public Cloud to both Ingest data through Cloudera Data Engineering as well as explore it through Hue and Impala within Cloudera Data Warehouse. You'll see how easy it is to run queries that give you insight into your data and how you can use a built in data visualization tool to then create a dashboard to share your results.

How a modern data platform supports government fraud detection

November 15-21 marks International Fraud Awareness Week – but for many in government, that’s every week. From bogus benefits claims to fraudulent network activity, fraud in all its forms represents a significant threat to government at all levels. Some experts estimate the U.S. government loses nearly 150 billion dollars due to potential fraud each year, McKinsey & Company reports.


Fraud Prevention - 3 Data Strategies for Financial Services

Fraud awareness in the Financial Services industry is more important than ever. According to the September 2020 benchmarking report conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in response to the coronavirus, 77% of survey respondents, representing a range of industries, have observed an increase in the overall level of fraud as of August, compared with 68% in May. The report reveals 68% of respondents have observed an increase in payment fraud schemes (vs.

Introducing CDE: Purpose Built Tooling For Accelerating Data Pipelines Demo Highlight

Spark has become the de-facto processing framework for ETL and ELT workflows for good reason, but for many enterprises working with Spark has been challenging and resource-intensive. Leveraging Kubernetes to fully containerize workloads, DE provides a built-in administration layer that enables one-click provisioning of autoscaling resources with guardrails, as well as a comprehensive job management interface for streamlining pipeline delivery. DE enables a single pane of glass for managing all aspects of your data pipelines.

Fraud Detection using Deep Learning

One of the many areas where machine learning has made a large difference for enterprise business is in the ability to make accurate predictions in the realm of fraud detection. Knowing that a transaction is fraudulent is a critical requirement for financial services companies, but knowing that a transaction that was flagged by a rules-based system as fraudulent is a valid transaction, can be equally important.


Combating Fraud in Insurance with Data

Well, it is International Fraud Awareness Week, focused on promoting fraud prevention and education. A fantastic initiative! Maybe I am naïve but I feel a bit sad that there is a need for “fraud week”. The insurance industry has a long and intimate relationship with fraud in many different ways. Insurance fraud can take place at a process or business function level, most notably in claims or underwriting.


Extreme data center pressure? Burst to the cloud with CDP!

Here at Cloudera, we’ve seen many large organizations struggle to meet ever-changing and ever-growing business demands. We see it everywhere. Traditional on-premise architectures, which create a fixed, finite set of resources, forces every business request for new insight to be a crazy resource balancing act, coupled with long wait times, or a straight-up no, it cannot be done.


Expediting SQL Workers means Expediting your Business

Two of the more painful things in your everyday life as an analyst or SQL worker are not getting easy access to data when you need it, or not having easy to use, useful tools available to you that don’t get in your way! As one of my dear customers, a data worker in Pharma, said to me: “I really don’t care about bells and whistles, I just want to get my task done.” This simple statement captures the essence of almost 10 years of SQL development with modern data warehousing.


The Security Challenges of Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Many organizations struggle to meet growing and variable data warehouse demands. No matter how much they pad their annual IT budgets, there never seems to be enough capacity to cover unexpected business requests. This leads to resource restrictions for the various business units that use the platform. When business units are not well served by central IT, “shadow IT” emerges.


How insurers can better deliver at "The Moment of Truth"

It’s all about the Customer Customers today expect services to be highly personalized. In a digital world tuned to understand your likes, dislikes, interests and preferences we expect a similar level of customization in all aspects of our lives. Insurance is no different. Insurance is not something the average consumer thinks about every day but when a life changing event happens, insurance becomes extremely important. It is in this “Moment of Truth” that insurers excel or fail.


An Overview of Real Time Data Warehousing on Cloudera

Users today are asking ever more from their data warehouse. This is resulting in advancements of what is provided by the technology, and a resulting shift in the art of the possible. As an example of this, in this post we look at Real Time Data Warehousing (RTDW), which is a category of use cases customers are building on Cloudera and which is becoming more and more common amongst our customers.