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March 2022

The Power of Perforce Open Source

Open source software (OSS) is the foundation of the digital economy. For organizations using OSS, adequately supporting that software is critical. Perforce enables teams to innovate with OSS — without the risk. They say software is eating the world, and open source is eating software. Today, open source software serves as the foundation that powers the digital economy.

Condensed Guide to Medical Device Requirements Management

Most general guidelines for requirements management are an acceptable starting point for medical device developers. Basic instructions for requirements planning, defining, prioritizing, etc. applies to almost any industry. However, medical device requirements management has to include some extraordinarily important things that some other industries can get by without. Compliance, risk management, and traceability are central to medical device development.

Stored Procedures: Native API/Native Code vs SourcePro DB

In the previous article, we walked through an example of how to use input parameter binding to send data to a MySQL database using the native MySQL C API and then compared that to the clean simplicity of using the SourcePro DB API. In this final article, we are going to walk through building an example that can invoke a stored procedure with an input parameter of the name of a new account holder and an output parameter of the new account id assigned by the database.

Strategic Partners Perforce Software and Microsoft, in Collaboration With GitHub, Announce New Gaming Initiatives

To Help Game Creators Spend Less Time Setting Up and Managing Their Pipeline, Perforce Software Debuts New Game Development Virtual Machine with Microsoft as well as Helix Core Actions with GitHub.

Perforce + GitHub - New Perforce Helix Core Actions

Building a great game involves uniting team members and their tools. But too often, developers spend more time setting up their environment and building their pipeline, rather than innovating. Perforce Software has been working with Microsoft to address these challenges. It started with the Enhanced Studio Pack. This lets studios quickly launch a pre-configured environment with industry-leading tools.

Perforce Highlights from GDC 2022

The Perforce team is at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA, March 21-25. Here, the Perforce team has unveiled two exciting announcements: An ongoing partnership with Microsoft, a collaboration with GitHub, and a new Perforce product – Helix DAM Beta. Keep reading to learn more about the impact this will have on the future of game development.

What Is Sound Static Analysis?

Sound static analysis is a beneficial practice when developing software that needs to be safe, secure, and compliant. Here we discuss what makes sound analysis different, in terms of static analysis, why it is important, and how sound static code analysis works. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most: ➡️ Sound static analysis Free Trial

Introducing Helix DAM (Beta)

On behalf of the product and engineering teams at Perforce, I am pleased to announce the Beta release of Helix Digital Asset Management, or Helix DAM for short. Helix DAM is the newest addition to the Helix Core Versioning & Collaboration Suite, that is purpose-built to help teams capitalize on and secure their creative digital assets.

What Is Traceability?

Traceability is likely an important part of your job if your organization produces something that requires you to keep track of specs, changes, requests, results, and versions, Yet considering how many companies still track requirements manually, and how many development teams use disparate systems for application lifecycle management, the benefits of traceability may not be widely understood.

Featured Post

Introducing the latest evolution in test data generation

Developing reliable code depends on thorough testing, but with teams under increasing pressure to create and deliver code faster, testing is sometimes seen as essential but can slow down processes. Plus, within testing, the biggest bottleneck of all has been obtaining test data. Testers report that they spend 60% of their time waiting or searching for test data. The good news is that with the next generation of test data solutions, teams do not need to trade test agility for code quality.

The Importance of Compliance Risk Assessments

In a world that’s literally had to define a new normal, standards and rules around safety and quality have been scrutinized more than ever before. And that new reality is affecting standard operations for some industries. While the importance of compliance has not changed, the complexity of it may have. Considering how quickly we continue advancing, this increasing complexity may also be part of our new normal.