SmartBear Acquires OpenTelemetry Pioneer Aspecto to Give Developers Greater Application Visibility

SmartBear Acquires OpenTelemetry Pioneer Aspecto to Give Developers Greater Application Visibility

SOMERVILLE, Mass. and TEL AVIV, Israel – March 21, 2023 – SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, today announced the acquisition of Aspecto, an OpenTelemetry (OTel) pioneer. Aspecto has been instrumental in driving and defining the OTel project and community since its founding in 2019. The acquisition provides developers a unique capability to rapidly identify and correct bugs in distributed environments through the integration with the market-leading error tracking and performance monitoring solution, BugSnag from SmartBear.

"Developers are taking on more responsibilities for how their apps run and perform in production while OTel is becoming the telemetry standard for gathering product data about those apps," said Anthony Bryce, VP of Product Management at SmartBear. "Today, BugSnag provides developers visibility into their end users' experiences of their app, whether it's unforeseen errors, crashes, or performance issues. With the addition of Aspecto, we are extending these capabilities to provide a broader, developer-focused, OTel-compliant observability platform. This means developers can both identify production issues and rapidly troubleshoot to resolve those issues." 

With this acquisition, SmartBear will provide development teams with extended end-to-end visibility across the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Developers can use Aspecto's OpenTelemetry-based observability platform to visualize complex traces, optimize performance, deliver greater collaboration with APIs, better explore microservices, and improve the testing and analysis of staging and production infrastructures. The visibility will enable developers to build competitive apps with the confidence to deploy faster and more often. 

"We see many organizations looking to drive their own observability projects to avoid costly and proprietary commercial solutions," said Eran Grabiner, CEO of Aspecto. "Aspecto helps them scale OTel infrastructure in a secure, cost-effective manner. Integrating the rich developer-focused production issue identification solutions from SmartBear with Aspecto's leading diagnostic capabilities offers a combination that will help development teams deliver even greater quality software."

SmartBear is making it easier for its customers to take advantage of Aspecto's solutions by integrating it with BugSnag. It enables application development teams to use BugSnag to drill down, in context, any application error, crash, or performance issue into the relevant trace. The results will help developers visualize, diagnose, and resolve application issues more efficiently. 

About Aspecto 

Powered by OpenTelemetry, Aspecto delivers a best-in-class distributed tracing experience for developers. The company's observability platform provides visibility into every interaction and performance issue occurring within distributed services, allowing developers to troubleshoot bottlenecks and errors while correlating root causes across traces, logs, and metrics. Founded in 2019, Aspecto is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with locations in Palo Alto, California and Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About SmartBear
SmartBear provides a portfolio of trusted tools that give software development teams around the world visibility into end-to-end quality through test management and automation, API development lifecycle, and application stability, ensuring each software release is better than the last. Award winning tools include SwaggerHubTestCompleteBugSnagReadyAPIZephyr, and PactFlow, among others. SmartBear is trusted by over 16 million developers, testers, and software engineers at 32,000+ organizations – including innovators like Adobe, JetBlue, FedEx, and Microsoft. With an active peer-to-peer community, we meet customers where they are to help make our technology-driven world a better place. SmartBear is committed to ethical corporate practices and social responsibility, promoting good in all the communities we serve. Learn more at, or follow on LinkedInTwitter, or Facebook

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