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Anodot Named by Forrester in Future of Business Intelligence Report

It’s hard to believe enterprise BI platforms have been around for three decades. In that time, they have served the purpose of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data to help businesses make more informed decisions. But in today’s data-driven economy, analysts struggle to keep up with the myriad of business intelligence reports from traditional BI tools – which fail to effectively and efficiently analyze and interpret data in real-time.

Gain Business Value With Big Data AI Analytics

“Data-driven” is the latest buzzword in organizations in which data-based decision making is directly connected to business success. According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, more than 77% of the C-suite now say data science is critical to their organization meeting strategic objectives. For top organizations looking to adopt a data-driven culture to stay competitive, what does that mean?

The Business Benefits of AI-Powered Analytics

Everyone from managers to C-suite executives wants information from analytics in order to make better decisions. Business analytics gives leaders the tools to transform a wealth of customer, operational, and product data into valuable insights that lead to agile decision-making and financial success. Traditional business intelligence and KPI dashboards have been popular solutions but they have their limitations.

Anodot and Rivery Demo New Marketing Analytics Kit

Marketing teams routinely struggle with monitoring the performance and cost of their ad campaigns. Now, they have a solution that can be as easy as just a few clicks. We recently joined our partners at Rivery for a webinar demonstrating the new Anodot Markering Analytics Monitoring Kit. The kit allows users to track marketing campaigns in real-time and take the action needed to make the most of ad spend.

Business Analytics: The Future Is AI and It Is Here

Business analytics (BA) is the process of evaluating data in order to gauge business performance and to extract insights that may facilitate strategic planning. It aims to identify the factors that directly impact business performance, such as ie. revenue, user engagement, and technical availability. BA takes data from all business levels, from product and marketing, to operations and finance.

Anodot & Rivery Team Up for Streamlined Monitoring of Marketing Campaigns

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Rivery to offer our data pipeline and monitoring solutions in one. Our one-click Data Kits streamline the analytics process, saving teams valuable time so they can act on business incidents fast. To kick things off, we’re releasing the Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit. Now you can start tracking your marketing campaigns instantly, and make the moves that will make the most of your ad spend.

Real-Time Anomaly Detection: Solving Problems and Finding Opportunities

Success in today’s high-velocity business environments means having the correct information to make the right decisions at the right time. As marketplaces grow more competitive and customer expectations continually rise, the “right time” is often real-time. Every transaction generates a plethora of data. Anomalies within your company’s data set can represent opportunities and threats to the business.


Anodot applies AI to deliver autonomous analytics in real-time, across all data types, at enterprise scale. We provide analysts mastery over their business with a self-service AI platform that runs continuously to eliminate blind spots, alert incidents, and investigate root causes.

What Are the Limitations of Dashboards?

For modern businesses faced with increasing volumes and complexity of data, it’s no longer efficient or feasible to rely on analyzing data in BI dashboards. Traditional dashboards are great at providing business leaders with insights into what’s happened in the past, but what if they need actionable information in real time? What if they want to use their data to estimate what may happen in the future? Companies are taking notice.