Canva Brings AI-Driven Design to the Snowflake Data Cloud

Canva Brings AI-Driven Design to the Snowflake Data Cloud

Jan 23, 2024

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and visual communication platform. As of today, the Canva platform is used by 170+ million users every month, across 190 countries and in over 100 languages, generating over 20 billion designs and still counting.

The companyʼs mission is to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. To fulfill this mission, the company puts data at itscore - from understanding consumer behaviour to informing future product development to measuring the return on investment of its marketing campaigns -data is a critical component of the companyʼs success.

With a team of over 100 data professionals, Canva selected the Snowflake Data Cloud as its platform of choice for its ease of use, cost effectiveness, and ability to scale at pace in line with Canva's growth.
In this video, Moe Kiss, Director of Data Science, Tim OʼKeefe, Head of Data Science, and Greg Roodt, Technology Lead for the Data Group,
share the Canva growth story and the integral role of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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