Gateway to the Future: A Brief History of Kubernetes Ingress

Gateway to the Future: A Brief History of Kubernetes Ingress

Jul 28, 2023

Join Viktor Gamov, a Principal Developer Advocate with Kong, as he navigates the evolution of Kubernetes Ingress. Starting with the basics, he’ll explain how Ingress is pivotal in managing external access to services within a Kubernetes cluster through HTTP and HTTPS routes.

In this talk, Viktor will also address its limitations – the challenge of managing multiple Ingress resources, inconsistencies across different controllers, and inherent limitations in handling non-L7 protocols like TCP and UDP.

The talk then shifts gear toward the future – the Gateway API. This next evolution of Kubernetes networking expands beyond HTTP/HTTPS, promising improved traffic routing and the capability to handle diverse protocols, thus addressing Ingress’s limitations.

Viktor will explain how the Gateway API introduces resources like GatewayClass and Gateway to provide a flexible, structured way of defining traffic routing paths, simplifying traffic management in complex environments.

Adding to the mix, he will hint at how the Kong Gateway and Ingress Controller can leverage the Gateway API to extend their capabilities, offering a robust and more flexible networking experience.

Whether you’re a Kubernetes beginner or a seasoned pro, this talk promises a wealth of insights. Join us to explore Kubernetes Ingress and step into its promising future with the Gateway API.