Importance of Design Patterns in #TestAutomation Frameworks | Raneesh Choudhary | #AutomationTesting

Importance of Design Patterns in #TestAutomation Frameworks | Raneesh Choudhary | #AutomationTesting

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In this session, Raneesh Choudhary delves into the crucial role of design patterns in test automation frameworks in this engaging presentation. Discover why testers need to enhance their coding skills and become proficient in programming. Explore the significance of design patterns within the context of test automation frameworks and understand the distinctions between custom frameworks, low-code tools, and Selenium wrappers.

Gain insights into the Gang of Four (GOF) design patterns and their various types, with a particular focus on the Factory Design Pattern and the Builder Pattern. In conclusion, explore the way forward and find valuable references to further your knowledge of design patterns. Whether you're a seasoned tester looking to enhance your automation skills or a newcomer eager to learn, this presentation offers invaluable insights to help you elevate your test automation frameworks to new heights.

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About Speaker:
Raneesh has more than 7 years of experience in testing software products. He has worked on projects for three top banks in Canada, the US, and Mexico. He has experience in analyzing business requirements, framing up a test strategy, and making sure to find bugs that matter fast. He has experience in leading and mentoring team members on test processes, automation, and communication with stakeholders. He has experience in creating test automation frameworks that involve the right approach to testing and timely reporting.

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