Lacework Brings New Tools To Cloud Security

Lacework Brings New Tools To Cloud Security

By taking a data-driven approach to cloud security, Lacework allows clients to expand their use of the cloud safely in a way that doesn't require them to grow their security team linearly. The key, says Ryan Henrich, Director of Technology Alliances at Lacework, is to treat security as a data problem.

In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Henrich chats with Daniel Myers about how Lacework’s Polygraph Data Platform is able to perform more advanced analytics on cloud security data because of its ability to first organize the data into data tables and behaviors before making decisions on it. “We don’t care about the single points of data,” says Henrich. “We care about the context of everything. We can only get all that context because we have the storage and compute capacity to look at all of it at once, and that is where the Snowflake advantage is born for us.”

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