Mesh Observability with OpenTelemetry P2: Deep Dive

Mesh Observability with OpenTelemetry P2: Deep Dive

Jun 29, 2023

📣 We had so much fun talking Mesh and OpenTelemetry in our last Kong Builders that we decided to give you a special Part 2!

Join us on July 5th for a special extra addition of #KongBuilders live.

Don't worry! We'll still be back again the last Wednesday of July too in our usual monthly slot!

Join your favorite hosts, Viktor Gamov and Danny Freese as they dive even deeper into observability with OpenTelemetry. 📈📋

Observability plays a vital role in comprehending and managing microservices, enabling us to effectively diagnose and resolve system issues and gain real-time insights into our system's behavior.

Thanks to Kuma's native support for OpenTelemetry, we can bypass the intricacies of integrating individual libraries into your apps.

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