Next-Level Networking: Kong Meets Serverless #kongbuilders

Next-Level Networking: Kong Meets Serverless #kongbuilders

Aug 10, 2023

Our conversations have been 🔥 lately, so we’re keeping the momentum on Kong Konnect Control Planes, Kong Data Planes, and Rate Limiting going!

Join @ViktorGamov and Danny Freese again as they take you through the intricate world of Rate Limiting. 🌐🎨

Dive into this episode, where we greet viewers, share exciting news about the API Summit and Hackathon, and recap our last episode. Explore the Response Transformer plugin, test Kong's robustness with 'wrk', and implement rate limiting using Redis. Viktor briefly detours to discuss the "Three-Body Problem" book series. We then delve into the technicalities, from Redis configurations and Kong upgrades to advanced rate limiting. By the end, all components work in harmony. Join us on this informative journey!

Your queries light up our sessions! 💡 Leave your burning questions or topic suggestions for future streams in the comments below. 💬👇



00:00 - Start and Introduction: Kick off the episode with an engaging intro.

01:24 - Hello and Welcome: Official greetings to the viewers.

04:23 - News and Announcements: Exciting updates about the upcoming API Summit and Hackathon events.

11:05 - Recap: A brief revisit of the main highlights from the previous episode.

21:03 - Response Transformer Plugin: Dive deep into the functionality and utility of the Response Transformer plugin.

25:02 - Load Testing Kong with wrk: Witness the performance and durability of Kong when subjected to load testing using the 'wrk' tool.

29:00 - Rate Limiting with Redis: A step-by-step guide on enabling rate limiting using Redis.

31:32 - A Bookish Interlude: Viktor shares his thoughts on the "Three-Body Problem" sci-fi book series.

35:01 - Configuring Redis in Rate Limiting: Detailed instructions on setting up Redis connections for the rate-limiting plugin.

44:14 - Detour: Solve incompatibility problems by upgrading Kong to version 3.4.

52:50 - Advanced Rate Limiting Plugin: Enabling and understanding the more intricate aspects of rate limiting.

57:00 - Consumer Groups Configuration: Set up consumer groups for the RLA plugin.
01:05:18 - Success! Every component is in action, working seamlessly.
01:05:45 - Conclusion: Wrapping up the episode. Until next time!