Qlik Sense SaaS in 60 - Business Logic Enhancements

Qlik Sense SaaS in 60 - Business Logic Enhancements

Nov 17, 2021

Business Logic provides context for Insight Advisor to produce more relevant results.

Within Fields and Groups – we have added 3 new properties that can be assigned to your logical measures. Favorable Trend, Overall aggregation and Favorite.

Qlik Help:

Favorable trend will automatically sort measures in charts in the direction you want to see the trend – ascending or descending - as well as change the gradient color scheme for that trend. Overall aggregation is used for calculated master measures where the insight advisor may not be able to determine the aggregation for that measure. Such as when using complex or formatting functions. And Favorite is used to enable measures to be used in analysis with higher priority when exploring data using Insight Advisor.