Supercharge Kubernetes Ingress with Kong

Supercharge Kubernetes Ingress with Kong

Nov 5, 2021

When services are exposed outside a Kubernetes cluster, you need to take care of authentication, observability, auditing, encryption and integrations with other third-party vendors, amongst other things. In this demo, @Viktor Gamov introduces Kong Ingress Controller and how you can use it in your applications that run in a Kong Mesh-enabled Kubernetes cluster.


0:00 - Intro

0:45 - Kong Mesh Setup Overview

1:23 - Services Map Overview in Grafana

1:45 - Overview of @Kubernetes Cluster

2:13 - Install Kong Gateway

2:58 - Test With Insomnia

4:30 - Apply the Prometheus Plugin

5:00 - Generate Requests with Locust

5:27 - View @Grafana Dashboards

6:07 - Conclusion


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