Unlock Microservices Mastery: OpenTelemetry in Kong Gateway

Unlock Microservices Mastery: OpenTelemetry in Kong Gateway

Feb 8, 2023

Join our #KongBuilders Livestream on February 8th where Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate at Kong) will discuss OpenTelemetry in Kong Gateway!

Are you tired of struggling to understand the flow of requests and responses through your microservices?

Want to know the secret to identifying and troubleshoot issues quickly?

Then you wouldn't want to miss our upcoming #KongBuilders livestream on using OpenTelemetry’s tracing solution with Kong Gateway!

We’ll show you how to achieve deep observability and optimize your microservices for better performance and reliability. Next to that, we’ll showcase how to integrate with other tools for real-time analysis and visualization. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up your microservices game.

Join us live and learn how to master Kong Gateway and OpenTelemetry!

Event page: https://lnkd.in/ejsiBw-7