What is Augmented DataFinOps?

What is Augmented DataFinOps?

Mar 2, 2023

Collaborate across your data team to optimize performance, control costs, and improve quality

Join SanjMo Advisory Services Founder Sanjeev Mohan and Unravel Data VP of Solutions Engineering Chris Santiago to learn how organizations are applying FinOps best practices to improve efficiency for the modern data stack.

Data management services are the fastest-growing category of cloud service spending, representing approximately 40% of the total cloud bill. 80% of data management professionals report difficulty accurately forecasting data-related cloud costs.

In this 1 hour virtual event, you will learn:

  • How FinOps enabled a consistent view between executives, finance, business, and engineering teams
  • Comparison of FinOps for DevOps and for DataOps teams
  • How AI is enabling new levels of efficiency for modern data stacks with augmented DataFinOps

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