What is WSO2 APK (API Platform for Kubernetes) ?

What is WSO2 APK (API Platform for Kubernetes) ?

Sep 18, 2023

WSO2 APK (API Platform for Kubernetes) is an advanced API management solution designed specifically for Kubernetes environments.

Its seamless integration with Kubernetes adheres to Kubernetes Gateway standards and aligns with Kubernetes workflows to empower organizations to efficiently manage APIs in a native Kubernetes manner.

With WSO2 APK, API management seamlessly blends into the regular Kubernetes workflow, aligning with the principles and practices of Kubernetes and enabling users to leverage familiar tools and processes for optimal API management. The comprehensive integration of APK into Kubernetes, utilizing features like namespaces, clusters, and custom resources, serves as a key strength, providing users with a robust and adaptable solution.

Moreover, WSO2 APK is an open-source project.

By harnessing the exceptional capabilities of WSO2 APK, businesses can streamline API management processes, enhance scalability and reliability, and fully unlock the potential of APIs within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Visit the links below to learn more!

Try WSO2 APK : https://wso2.com/api-platform-for-k8s/
GitHub : https://github.com/wso2/apk
Discord : https://discord.com/channels/955510916064092180/1113056079501332541
Documentation : https://apk.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/