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Connecting Apigee to GKE using headless services and Cloud DNS

We’ve recently supported an organization who wanted to expose its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) backend behind Apigee X. A quite common architecture, which most of the users delivering modern web applications on Google Cloud tend to build upon. In this scenario, Google’s API gateway, Apigee, receives requests and performs L7 routing, redirecting you to the correct backend application, running as one or more pods on GKE.

Nameserver: What is It? How Does It Work? Why It is Important to Your Website?

You may have come across the word "nameserver" if you maintain your own website. You may, however, have no true idea of what one is or how it works. Knowing a little about the “nameserver” concept can help you manage your website. Simply said, nameservers help browsers in establishing links between URLs and websites. They're essential since we'd have to memorize IP addresses to visit websites if we didn't have them.

The Real Cost of API Downtime

Last week, the digital world experienced a power outage. A major distributed edge computing platform experienced a software bug that led to the collapse of their Domain Name System (DNS), or the Internet’s way to map domain names (i.e. to IP addresses. The consequences were costly. So what is the real cost of downtime? When a DNS system within a globally recognized edge platform fails, it causes downtime for a huge amount of international enterprises.