"DCN" Special Report: Marketing Analytics

"DCN" Special Report: Marketing Analytics

Mar 15, 2023

“Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green travels the world, from New York to London, to speak with experts and end users about the ways in which data-driven marketing analytics is helping businesses expand their customer base, increase profitability, and enhance customer experience. The opportunity to use marketing analytics to realize such benefits is greater than it was even just two years ago, thanks to the explosion in readily available first-party, behavioral data and the rise of new data sharing and data analysis tools, which have grown more sophisticated, in part due to their use of AI and ML technologies. Those interviewed for this video discuss those benefits as well as the tools and implementation strategies that can bring those benefits to fruition.

00:00 Introduction

00:51 Recent Changes That Have Increased the Demand for Data

03:15 How To Optimize Your Use Of Data

05:30 The Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

06:46 Tips For Successfully Advancing Data Usage

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