Elevate Gives Retailers a Powerful New Tool for Managing Supply Chains

Elevate Gives Retailers a Powerful New Tool for Managing Supply Chains

Apr 21, 2022

In today’s world, retail customers expect things fast. They want their products on time and they want their orders not to be canceled. And when things go wrong, they want answers. To deliver that experience, retailers need to be able to understand at a granular level how their customers’ orders are moving through their supply chains. In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Daniel Myers chats with Elevate Co-founder and CTO James Sutton about his company’s recently introduced retail operations platform that provides the analytics retailers need to evaluate and manage supply chain performance.

To provide those analytics, Elevate creates data models that are built by combining and analyzing data drawn from the many different systems and applications associated with the supply chain process. From order placement to warehouse operations to fulfillment and delivery. With that info in hand, retailers can evaluate supply chain performance, and identify and resolve the operational problems that ultimately impact the customer experience and organizational profitability. And to make it all work, Elevate relies on the data storage, data management, and data integration capabilities of Snowflake. Watch the video to learn more.

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