How Observe Built An Observability Platform On Snowflake.

How Observe Built An Observability Platform On Snowflake.

Mar 17, 2022

The Observability Platform from Observe is a tool that helps engineers and DevOps teams quickly analyze the performance of and troubleshoot problems with an organization’s distributed applications. Its power comes from its ability to ingest any kind of telemetry and machine data–trace data, log data, metric data, billing data, and so on–into a single source using Snowflake, and then map the relationships between data sets. These relationships can be displayed graphically as an interactive visualization, making it easy for end users to trace connections between datasets in order to diagnose the cause of error notifications or gain insight into an application's performance.

This episode of Powered by Snowflake provides an in-depth look at how the Observability Platform works and how it benefits from being built on top of Snowflake.

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